New Coco Series

      The Fran series is inspired by the natural oak veneer, and the texture and color of the natural veneer are strictly selected. Through the unique translucent technology, the orderly texture and radial lines of oak are vividly displayed. Modify the rough elements in the oak, so that it presents a unique texture of half-mountain grain and straight grain.

Company Profile

As a high-end home decoration panel brand, RERGE has a senior R&D team, marketing team and global supply partners, and has established strategic partnerships with internationally renowned designers.

As a professional brand in the home building materials industry, our product design is rooted in the cutting-edge home lifestyle and international fashion trends, pursuing design innovation and emphasizing brand tonality. Bring the art of decoration to the extreme, empowering a better life.

Designer Team

We have always respected the spirit of cooperation stemming from common vision and passion, and cooperated with the excellent designers in the world

Claudio Bellini

Claudio Bellini Design Director of Italian R & D Center

Italian architect Claudio Bellini serves as the design director of the Italian R&D Center. He has unique insights into decorative paper, adheres to the concept of open innovation, respects the heritage of design, and provides us with forward-looking decoration design solutions.

Sascha Kostros

Sascha Kostros was born in Germany in the 1970s

Born in the 1970s, Sascha Kostros has served as the design director of a well-known international facing paper R&D and design company for more than ten years. He devoted himself to the development of suits. With long-term and rich experience in the furniture and floor decoration paper industry, he leads an international design team to predict trends and develop cutting-edge decors.

Claudia Küchen

Claudia Küchen Germany famous veneer designer

Claudia Küchen has created a unique design style with her international design vision, and has profoundly influenced the international decoration industry. Since 1999, she has led an international professional design team, leading the trend of the decorative design industry, and constantly meeting customer needs.

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