Exhibition News丨Review of the new trend of high-end furniture in Guangzhou Design Week

March 06, 2023

The 2022 Guangzhou Design Week will be held from March 3-6, 2023. With the theme of "Passion", the exhibition direction will focus on "Design + Material Selection of New Formats of Contemporary Habitat Life Aesthetics". Focusing on the growth empowerment of the designer group and the development of channel value, it is an important platform for Chinese and even global designers to discover inspiration, stimulate thinking, and display results. It is known as "the designer's home".

RERGE will take you to review the new trend of high-end home furnishing.

The popularity of Guangzhou Design Week remains undiminished, shining brightly because of passion, and jointly exploring new trends in the future home furnishing industry.

RARA system custom home furnishing will present the "Narrative Collection of Square and Circle" in Guangzhou Design Week 2022 - {Bamboo Courtyard} 3C01 Concept Pavilion. This time, RARA joined hands with Cui Shu, a leading post-80s designer, with the theme of "Bamboo Courtyard", inspired by "Bamboo", integrating Eastern and Western design concepts, and practicing the unity and harmony of contradictions between home furnishing system and art. Create an artistic conception where heaven and earth circle, time and space overlap, and give exhibitors a perfect immersive viewing experience.

This time Tucson takes "Thinking of what you need and what you love" as the theme, returning to order and building a refined lifestyle around "love and needs", proactively understanding the needs of users, and considering the love of users.