R&D Team

Rerge has an excellent design team. They have insight into international fashion trends and integrate decades of experience, scientific market analysis and expertise in design and color development. The design and color development oriented by fashion trends and market demand will create a bright future.

Claudio Bellini

Italian architect Claudio Bellini serves as the design director of the Italian R&D Center. He has unique insights into decorative paper, adheres to the concept of open innovation, respects the heritage of design, and provides us with forward-looking

Sascha Kostros

Born in the 1970s, Sascha Kostros has served as the design director of a well-known international facing paper R&D and design company for more than ten years. He devoted himself to the development of suits. With long-term and rich experience in the f

Martin Marxen

Martin Marxen has more than ten years of experience in the research and development and design of internationally renowned decorative papers. He has rich and solid design theory and process knowledge. He specializes in the fashion design of steel pla

Claudia Küchen

Claudia Küchen has created a unique design style with her international design vision, and has profoundly influenced the international decoration industry. Since 1999, she has led an international professional design team, leading the trend of the de

Martin Failer

Martin Failer, with more than 30 years of design experience, has always adhered to the purpose of contemporary and innovative design and color development. He perseveres in researching trends, is well versed in market demand, and applies inspiration

Maike Marx

Maike Marx was born in Germany and is an excellent designer. She is proficient in Synchronised texture development and decorative layout processing, and has a unique sensitivity to optics and touch.